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The YEG Honeycomb initiative is a 3-year pilot project, supported by the City of Edmonton, highlighting the benefits of urban beekeeping and urban history by combining both into a unique opportunity that demonstrates the value of bringing bees into the urban landscape.

The initiative is guided by 3 main pillars:

Creating new opportunities for urban beekeeping in Edmonton.

This is a unique project in that there are currently no guidelines for rooftop and non-residential beekeeping in the City of Edmonton. YEG Honeycomb is working closely with the City of Edmonton bylaw and urban planning to help develop guidelines for rooftop and non-residential beekeeping.

Using beekeeping as a conduit for celebrating and preserving historical buildings in Edmonton.

YEG Honeycomb supports pollinator penthouses across historic locations in Edmonton: Alberta Aviation Museum, Alberta Hospital Edmonton, Chancery Hall, City Hall, Fort Edmonton, Grierson Centre, Magrath Campus and Old Man Creek Nursery. 


Fostering community connections through beekeeping. 

Through beekeeping, YEG Honeycomb strives to support the residents at several of its hive locations by offering residents opportunities to learn new skills, build confidence, foster community, trust, connection and healing. Supporters can get involved too - sponsorship of the program covers the cost of beekeeping and supports the community connections being made through and by the initiative.

"Honey is an expression of our terroir, the story of our urban landscape, from the flora and fauna, the building they sit on down to their connection to their environment and people."
-Enessa Habib, Project Manager

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